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Pointer Systems

Pointer Systems produces notebooks, desktop PC's, servers and storage solutions, all assembled and repaired in our internal technical department and distributed through an laborate dealer channel in the entire country.

Server & Storage Solutions

  • Servers powered by Intel technology, assembled and serviced in our server department in Sint-Niklaas
  • All configurations can be customized to fit your needs
  • Total service: on-site warranty extensions, on-site integration services, technical support, presales support, ...
  • Use the Server Configurator on DealerShop to create your custom-build system!
  • Can be sold together with cloud solutions for hybrid setups
  • Big project or complicated question from a client? No problem, we’ll visit the client and create a quote together!

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Desktop PC Assembly Services

Our technical department produces desktop computers for everyone: systems for home and office use, very small NUC PC’ and powerful gaming PC’s with the most powerful specs available.

  • Pick a PC from our CompuDeals brochure, or tell us what you need and we’ll give you a quote and create your system from scratch
  • You can also use our PC Configurator at DealerShop (also available on FlexiShop sites)
  • We’ll install your operating system (if you bought one), install drivers, and test the overall stability of your system before shipping it.
  • Problems or questions? Our technical department is at your disposal for all support requests.

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