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Hyperdesk is a web platform designed to manage your service delivery to your (internal or external) customers. It’s a fully functional ticketing system, combined with a central location to store your technical ICT docmentation of your customers, and lots of other functionality.

Ticketing features:

  • Timers for time tracking
  • Dynamic hourly rates
  • Assign tickets to an agent, or a team of agents
  • E-mail to ticket
  • Quicktickets
  • PC Repair tickets
  • Ticket merge
  • Contracts with SLA’s
  • Default answers
  • Agent signatures
  • Divisions to split your Hyperdesk in different business units
  • Client surveys after closing of ticket
  • Global actions to selection of tickets
  • Exports to DBFACT, Teamleader, ABO, Wefact, ..
  • Tasks
  • Client zone where your customer can login to create and manage tickets
  • Automatically create a ticket when the status of a system degrades within Solarwinds N-Central
  • Mobile version for on-site interventions (let the customer place his signature and generate a signed delivery note in PDF)
  • And much more

Documentation features:

  • Create your customer’s PC’s, servers, printers, .. as objects and save all technical documentation such as IP addreses, passwords, ...
  • Link tickets to documentation objects, so you can consult the ticket history of each system or device
  • Create IP addres tables for each site of a customer
  • Integrates with Solarwinds N-Central to automatically create objects already monitored within N-Central, and consult their status, specs and more
  • Create a PDF report with an overview of all documentation of a customer
  • Knowledge base to add even more documentation, procedures, .. and link to a client or object

Additional features:

  • Integrates with Office 365: push an appointment to your calender when you create a ticket
  • View statistics of the amount of billable and non-billable hours for each agent, or agent team
  • Use the built in dashboard and display it on a screen in your technical department
  • And much more