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Nomadesk is business software that allows your employees to edit, share and synchronize files - online and offline.


Nomadesk creates encrypted virtual hard drives or "Vaults" on your computer.
Place your files in a Vault (vault) and they will be automatically:

Encrypted and stored in the Vault

files are available offline; traceable with remote erasure capability (i.e., Theftguard)


with your other devices via a delta-block sync protocol


give others access to your Safe so that you can work together on files; use the Nomadesk widget to automatically publish content on your website; share links via the Outlook plugin, ...

Backed up in a secure data center

multiple versions are saved; cloud-based recycle-bin, data center in Frankfurt

Made mobile

your files will be accessible via any smartphone, tablet; encrypted cache with possibility of remote deletion

Editable online

our Office 365 integration allows you to effortlessly view, edit and edit Office files on any device.

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