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Outsmart encryption viruses, potentially failing hardware and risks such as fire and theft, and back up your important data with Cloudhighway Backup.

Backups of files, mails, databases, ...

Choose what you want to back up: from just the important files, to complete system backups for "bare metal recovery", including backup of e-mails, databases, virtual machines, ...

Your data is secure in the cloud

We only use data centers within the Benelux to store your data securely and encrypted. You can restore individual files - or your entire system - free of charge at any time.

All old versions are saved

Cloudhighway Backup retains all previous versions and deleted files. You can go back in time - until the beginning of the use of the system - and retrieve a file from a date of your choice.

Safe against viruses, ransomware and spyware

Your data is safe in a data center. Are your files infected and does a backup of the corrupt files still happen? No problem, just retrieve the version from yesterday or last week.

Cloudhighway Backup is a backup solution developed specifically for companies. Some other assets:

  • Free plugins included to back up your local server. Think of Hyper-V, Vmware, Exchange, MS-SQL, MySQL and more.
  • Our Connect Pro Partners have a central management console with which they can easily and conveniently follow up the backups of all their customers.
  • Thanks to the unlimited retention - you can always go back to any time in the past to retrieve previous versions and deleted files - you really sleep on 2 ears.
  • Via the Backup Manager you can easily and free of charge restore data and go back to the version of any backup task from the past. Cloudhighway Backup supports Windows, MacOS (10.6 or higher) and GNU / Linux (CentOS, Debian or OpenSUSE) - or practically any GNU / Linux x86 and x86_64 / amd64 distribution with glibc 2.4 or higher (glibc 2.5 or higher for backup from MySQL).
  • Of course Cloudhighway Backup is fully GDPR compliant . The data is stored in the Equinix data center in Amsterdam, managed by Solarwinds.

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