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  • The very beginning


    The company was founded in 1989 by the current CEO Jan De Rudder. The first location was the home of Jan's grandparents in Sint-Gillis-Waas.

  • Dedicated building


    Relocation to a dedicated building in the Kluizenmolen industrial park in Sint-Gillis-Waas, with offices, a warehouse and assembly space. At the time, the company specialized in services to SMEs, dentists and consumers.

  • Distribution division


    A distribution division was established within the company in 1999, resulting in exponential growth.

  • Sint-Niklaas


    In 2001 we moved to a larger and more centrally located building in Sint-Niklaas. At the beginning of 2003, an additional warehouse space was added.

  • Pointer Systems


    Pointer Systems was founded in 2004, our division that is responsible for sales and support of servers and storage solutions.

  • DealerShop


    In 2006 we launched DealerShop, the leading e-commerce platform for hundreds of IT partners throughout Belgium.



    2006 was also the launch of CompuDeals, our marketing group that today has more than 300 members.

  • A more convenient location


    In 2007 we moved to the Oostjachtpark in Sint-Niklaas, with a much more favorable location near the E17 and again with the necessary expansion space.

  • A 2nd building


    A secondary building at Oostjachtpark 15A was purchased in 2012 to facilitate the further expansion of the B2B activities.

  • Connect


    D&D Distribution became part of the Connect+ group in 2015, in which we joined companies and groups such as ABO, Exellent, Connect-IT and ECK-BRIO.

  • Business to Business


    The range of B2B services was substantially expanded in 2016 and 2017, with the start-up of Cloudhighway, SkyHi and (from the end of 2017) also Hyperdesk. All these divisions are positioned together under the Connect Pro flag.

  • Where we are now


    Today, D&D Distribution is an established player on the Belgian market, with a turnover of over 60,000,000 EUR and over 40 employees.